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Any grant opportunity for educational technology is one that can be tapped for handheld computers. Just remember to address the specific grant requirements by including handheld applications and programs that address specific instructional goals. For example, if you are writing a grant for materials to support science instruction, you might include handhelds, science data probes, curriculum materials, graphing calculator software, and digital cameras. In addition, make sure to emphasize the way that handhelds can address equity and access issues, because of their low cost and mobility.

In addition, many schools are using professional development grants to purchase handheld workshops, some of which include handheld devices in the cost. This is a creative way to fund professional development and the handhelds themselves all in one.

Below are some grant resources that may be helpful to you. In addition, make sure to check your state department of education's web site for educational technology grant opportunities in your state. In particular, you might watch for the Enhancing Education Through Technology grants. These are federal funds that are part formula-allocated and part competitive. Staff development is an important part of these grants.

Educational Technology Grants

Enhancing Education Through Technology
USDOE Grants
Verizon Foundation
Hewlett-Packard Company
National Science Foundation
Vernier Technology Awards
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Grant Resources

eSchool News Grant Resources
School Grants
Education World Grants

If you know of other grant resources we should post or would like assistance with a grant you are preparing, contact us for more information.

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